Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leggings: To wear or not to wear?

Leggings are definitely a "do" but I've had som requests recently about how to wear them. Primarily I've been fielding these questions from moms whose main audiences are their toddlers but even though their audience isn't picky, they still want to be stylish. Leggings can be worn for someone who has a rock and roll, vintage or preppy aesthetic. There are endless ways to wear them...and here are just a few...

A lot of moms want to be lookin' good without spending a mint, simply because they don't know if they are going to end up with some of their child's lunch on their duds. So, here a few 3 no-brainer ways to wear the same black leggings.

1. With a long t-shirt and tailored blazer. For a more on-trend look, buy a blazer with some serious shoulder pads! (I have been killing this look lately.) I like this look with some serious gladiator heels or sky high booties...but for the practical, yet fashionable, mommy look, do some studded ballet flats.

2. With an easy summer dress and long-ish cardigan sweater paired with a boot. This is a clever way to take a summer dress into the fall and winter. You can do boots with heels or no heel, vicotrian style lace-up, or a basic cowboy boot. Whichever boot you choose gives you an entirely new look.

3. For an "I-looked-like-I-went-to-yoga-but-it's-really-coffee-with-the-girlfriends-and-babies", pair your leggings layer a drapey cashmere sweather with a basic t-shirt or soft denim button down and a flat shoe.

Always cover the booty no matter what size you are because you never know if your leggings are more transparent once you hit the sunlight! My formula for leggings basically involves a quality long-ish shirt that covers the butt with different layering jackets or sweaters and a good shoe or boot. Here are a few great examples of how to wear leggings. I love the vintage fur jacket or the idea of belting your sweater for a more pulled together appearance.

Monday, November 2, 2009

For Damsels and Dudes: Pierre Hardy

...because we are about equal opportunites. These are some of our lusts for women AND for our hot men :)
Pierre Hardy WomenPierre Hardy women
OR Pierre Hardy boot for Gap at the insanely good price of $175:
Pierre Hardy for Gap
And for the men...these are a stellar option for a dress shoe or a basic boot:
Pierre Hardy MenPierre Hardy Men