Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friends and family take note: This just may be the sleek, beautiful sleeper sofa that you will be sleeping on when you come to visit us in our new house! The line boasts that they create furniture that allows you to "live in comfort" and I suppose that applies to sleeping too! So weigh in on this Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofa sleeper.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I got a style question via facebook the other day and I'm all set to tackle it on this beautiful memorial day! After which, I'm heading out for a long hike!

Anyway, my stylish friend Nerissa is about to purge her closet of any pieces that may be dated and asked for any ideas on what I would throw out and what I would keep. I was sneaky and went to her facebook pictures and started looking through what she already (likely, still) has in her closet. Now, she has such a great body that she can make anything look good, even if it's dated, but several pieces just need to be reworked for 2009 and some items, she just needs another set of eyes to confirm that she's got to let 'em go!

I know that plenty of people have a pair of beat to the street pointed toed stileto pumps like these, and while you can always hide them under a long pair of trousers, this toe is not the most fashion forward and you may as well toss these and purchase a new pair when they come back in vogue. A more a appropriate pair of pumps (especially for the summer) is the "jacky" pump from Banana Republic, which I've posted before for it's perfect shape and ultimated comfort!

One of my pet peeves are the halter top, polyester, sequined tops from the early/late nineties that ladies everywhere (myself included) sported to the clubs. If any of those are hiding in your closets, I think it's safe to say that they will never come back in style, quite like that again. In fact, I searched the internet to find an "example" and couldn't find a single one. So, I don't know where people are finding these gems, but I propose we burn them, and replace them with a sophisticated number like this Robert Rodriguez ruffled halter or this hipster fringe Free People top. Either one has great detailing and can be worn day or night.

A couple years ago, everyone was putting out their version of the all-over sequined dress. It can be hard to throw out a dress that you spent good money on, so the good news is, you can wear this trend in a new way today!

Take your sequined dress and loose the tights (obviously for the summer!) and add these nude, strappy, statement-making shoes (Chinese Laundry from Zappos.com).

Throw on vest or blazer....I stinkin LOVE this vintage 80's blazer (found on etsy.com) for it's cropped properties :)

*sigh* I really love this jacket but alas, it's a little small for me...someone buy it and enjoy it!
Lastly, if you own shoes like these:
...you can toss 'em. We can really do better when it comes to a casual, springy sandal :)

While we are talking about styles that are "out", I should also mention, that like the black, pointed toe, pump, boots of this nature should also be retired. If they are in good condition, store them away until they come back in style.

Trucker hats, Ed Hardy T's, and jeans that have lost their shape, all go into the "toss" category, as well as anything made in a fabric that has lost it's shape or is all "bally". White T's and button downs that have a stain or two, but you have been hanging on to, for whatever reason, must also be trashed, UNLESS, you have DIY capabilities and can dip-dye them! See Jessica's blog for her useful tips!

Sometimes, people have old suit blazers in their closet from the days of wearing serious matchy matchy suits to the office. Some of the blazers may be able to be tailored to make them less boxy and more up-to-date. If you are unsure if your blazers are good candidates for this process, send me a picture of you wearing your blazer.

Always, examine your clothes and think about ways you can bring them up-to-date before you throw them out. For example, you could hem a dress to make it a more appropriate length or take your favorite jeans and turn them into your favorite new pair of denim shorts.

Good luck Nerissa...and all of you out there who are re-vamping your wardrobe! Email me, leave a comment or contact us through our website, Panachestylists.com!
Happy Memorial Day,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Casual and cool or haute and suave, these guys are nailing it with their individual styles. I decided to scope out some men who are looking great, because lately, I've had a hard time finding something "new" in women's fashions.

Matthew Williamson

Amir Zia and Ali Kay

Cameron Silver, true to his name, sporting this silver suit.

Chris Benz...he looks perfect.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow! I stumbled across this beautiful boutique jewelry line out of Brazil and have to share it with you. This gorgeous line offers everything that you look for when you invest in some bling. Bold looks, comfortable fit, and most of all, comfortable prices!

This line is offered by Kendall Moore and Associates out of Nashville, TN and they are debuting this new line at a luxurious fundraiser benefitting the Home Foundation. The Home Foundatio, founded by Natalie Grant, raises awareness and offers aid to people exiting from bondage in human trafficking. This event is going to be held on the evening of June 5th and offer up a special surprise guest artist, a fashion rocks show, debuting Norma Clare, a new woman's clothing line and fine scotch from the Lipman Brothers. The silent auction is packed with extravagant goodies ranging from botox treatments to teeth whitening and cocktail dresses.

Please go and purchase tickets to this event here! All profit from the tickets go the Home Foundation and 10% of all profits from the jewelry line also goes to the organization. Mention this blog when you call Kendall Moore and 10% of your jewelry purchase with help someone reclaim their life!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I have been winged away by the "bird motif" and it is heavily influencing my wardrobe and my physical spaces. I am inexplicably drawn to fabrics/clothes that have a bird or feather design on them. I hit up a vintage clothing market this past Sunday and found a 70's tunic dress with bird motif in a brown palette and was instantly attracted to it. I was scouring the internet for white sculptural pieces for my new home and stumbled into the porcelein bird table lamp (shown below) and I even paused when I found the coral bird motif earrings and started to dream of all the ways I can wear those! On my most recent trip to Urban Outfitters, I discovered the dress shown below and debated getting it...(but alas, must spend money on the house).

Below, a china blue dress from Cacharel's spring '09 collection.

These vintage earrings can be found here.

Gorgeous textiles from Hable Construction.

If you see a bird motif object you think I may like, please feed my obsession and send me links and pictures!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I know that the fashion scoop is why readers come to this blog, but I admit that home renovations have been monopolizing my fashion sensibilites! I found this bathroom and am using it for inspiration (love the green/gold tiles) for my master bath and closet space that is in the works as I type. I was looking for examples of bathrooms that meld modern lines with glamorous color and fixtures and ta da! my heart jumped at this room! Unfortunately, my ceilings are not super-high so I will have to go with a smaller chandelier or wall sconces, but that is why it is an "inspiration" picture. I find what is awesome about the look and run with it to create my own glamorous space.

Love this white crystal chandelier...hmmm....my wheels are turning...what do you think?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Guess who's featured on the amazing design/fashion blog out of Seattle, WA! We are! Check it out at www.cocokelley.blogspot.com

In light of the bathing suit post, I put up yesterday, and this incredible shoot from Vogue Italia (which I have no adequate words to describe how beautiful this is), maybe you can see where my head is at? I'm working up an idea for a photo shoot (with Reid ) that is Gothic, vintage, innocence and involves sun-bathing beauties all at once. I will keep you posted once we have shot it!

photo: Steven Meisel
model: Kamila Filipcikova, Agnete Hegelund
publication: Vogue Italia March 2008
source: foto decadent

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mara Hoffman kills it with her summer 09 swim line. This beautiful abbreviated caftan shows of the legs while providing a gorgeous barely-there cover-up for traipsing around the pool or beach and this swimsuit is soooo flattering. Putting aside the fact that it's on a beautiful model, this suit doesn't have elastic or strings that cut into your skin. The wide band at the hip rest gently on the body and the overall design of the one shoulder is very now. I LOVE this suit.

Now you just have to buy a one shoulder cocktail dress so that your tan lines match!

Til my next fashion find, Kyah.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I can't think of many occasions where I don't want to wear my new Dolce Vita Rayne sandals from Urban Outfitters.

The Amazing Slim Velvet hanger!

Do a google search for velvet hanger and buy a bundle. They hold your clothes securely, look svelt and skinny in the closet and don't take up too much room. What's not to love!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Neon, Neon

Hang on to your wayfarers, Neon is back! 
MGMT and M.I.A apparently knew what they were doing when they introduced their NEON flair to the world in 2008. Yes, maybe it's a little eighties... but it's awesome! We are seeing these highlighter colors show up all over the runway for fall 2009.  

Michael Kors exuberantly displays his 2009 Fall neon collection below. Kors describes his feelings about the new line by standing by his belief that "nothing comes back the same way twice." I agree. I think he is pushing the envelope, and I LOVE IT!  There is nothing wrong with a little color, even in the work-place!
Sweet shades Sienna...
"How in the heck am I supposed to wear neon you ask?"
*Wear it with black.
There is nothing more awesome than throwing on a neon pink scarf (American Apparel $18) with a little black dress and a spicy pair of patent leather heels. 
* Neon Jeans. Yep they are cool.  Throw them on with a white v-neck T, some tennis shoes and a sweet pair of shades.  You will most definitely  be the cool kid on the block. 
*  Shades. You can rock neon shades any time of the year.  (Urban Outfitters $16) They are always awesome. 

Lastly, a little word of advice...
Neon can be overdone. Only stick with one neon item per outfit!