Friday, March 19, 2010

James Dunn and Sleeveless "News"

I'm busy as I can possibly be these days working on our (Jessica Maros and myself's) new line called Sleeveless. We are in the process of making press kits to send up to NYC before we head up and meet with boutiques and industry people, editing down our collection and making prototypes of the clutches that we are rolling out for Fall 2011. So, we are busy round the Sleeveless Studio.

I recently did a photo shoot for Americana-rock musician, James Dunn and after feeling good about almost 6 solid looks between the studio and location, photog, Reid Rolls, captured this "cover" shot. Absolutely stunning. I gotta say, I love his wardrobe for the shoot and Reid's choice of location and brilliant natural light give this guy the Americana look to match his lyrics and sound.

To achieve the mood in this pic was one part wardrobe, one part brilliant photography and direction, one part cool dude, and one part breaking out a bottle of wine and swigging straight from the bottle.

*Extra special thanks to the assistant photographer, Skip Hopkins and my assistant Bek Kaplan!