Tuesday, December 8, 2009


...this is the name of the accessory line that myself and my friend and fellow designer, Jessica Maros are launching. We are currently putting together our Lookbook and website and all the trappings of a business plan. Of course, I'll keep you abreast of our progress as it happens, but in the meantime, here is one of the pics from our recent advertorial shoot. We are not releasing all our images yet, but here is one of my favorite. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leggings: To wear or not to wear?

Leggings are definitely a "do" but I've had som requests recently about how to wear them. Primarily I've been fielding these questions from moms whose main audiences are their toddlers but even though their audience isn't picky, they still want to be stylish. Leggings can be worn for someone who has a rock and roll, vintage or preppy aesthetic. There are endless ways to wear them...and here are just a few...

A lot of moms want to be lookin' good without spending a mint, simply because they don't know if they are going to end up with some of their child's lunch on their duds. So, here a few 3 no-brainer ways to wear the same black leggings.

1. With a long t-shirt and tailored blazer. For a more on-trend look, buy a blazer with some serious shoulder pads! (I have been killing this look lately.) I like this look with some serious gladiator heels or sky high booties...but for the practical, yet fashionable, mommy look, do some studded ballet flats.

2. With an easy summer dress and long-ish cardigan sweater paired with a boot. This is a clever way to take a summer dress into the fall and winter. You can do boots with heels or no heel, vicotrian style lace-up, or a basic cowboy boot. Whichever boot you choose gives you an entirely new look.

3. For an "I-looked-like-I-went-to-yoga-but-it's-really-coffee-with-the-girlfriends-and-babies", pair your leggings layer a drapey cashmere sweather with a basic t-shirt or soft denim button down and a flat shoe.

Always cover the booty no matter what size you are because you never know if your leggings are more transparent once you hit the sunlight! My formula for leggings basically involves a quality long-ish shirt that covers the butt with different layering jackets or sweaters and a good shoe or boot. Here are a few great examples of how to wear leggings. I love the vintage fur jacket or the idea of belting your sweater for a more pulled together appearance.

Monday, November 2, 2009

For Damsels and Dudes: Pierre Hardy

...because we are about equal opportunites. These are some of our lusts for women AND for our hot men :)
Pierre Hardy WomenPierre Hardy women
OR Pierre Hardy boot for Gap at the insanely good price of $175:
Pierre Hardy for Gap
And for the men...these are a stellar option for a dress shoe or a basic boot:
Pierre Hardy MenPierre Hardy Men

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Impressed...

You know I don't really gravitate towards preppy prints and bright colors but JCrew continues to impress me with their catalogs. They have a really GREAT stylist. I would wear any of these combos....just beautiful!
J Crew
J Crew
J Crew

It looks like she draws a little inspiration from Nylon, pairing the socks with pumps and torn jeans, and then gives it a high end twist with all the asymetrical ruffled T's and cashmere sweaters and blingy costume jewelry.

I especially love the vintage-inspired brown short boots. Just really loving what J Crew is putting out...maybe it's time for a visit to their store.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have to apologize for my absence! It's 3:43 AM and I am posting a blog...ok, I just erased that and thought it'd be funny to share, that while I am posting a blog, I'm actually doing a little online shopping...a little for me...a little for a client, but whose counting. So, I have to share with you all my LUST LIST. I'm coveting these items in a way that is probably not healthy, but I just want them so desperately!
BCBG max azria boots
This boot is awesome because you are getting 3 heights for the price of...well, 3 boots. But no matter, here it is in 2 of the heights, ankle and knee-high worn with some of my favorites from Max Azria's spectacular Fall Collection.
maxazria fall 09max azria fall 09max azria fall 09

(Off the subject, but a great tip: what really makes these outfits extra spectacular is the way they paired the "extras" with the main piece. For example, the white dress, black mini, and the felt asymetrical vest, all have the same lace turtleneck layered underneath and the black one shoulder dress has a sheer knit turtlenck with it. The leather gloves, suede leggings, turtlenecks really give the look "the look". You can try this for a much lower cost with a sheer long sleeved black tee and a dress in your own closet. Pile on the gloves, leggings, boots until you find a good balance for you. Remember, unless you are a size zero, layering can make you look bulkier than you are so layer with very sheer fabrics.)

As far as jackets go, I'm torn between a drapey, asymetrical Helmut Lang jacket that is similar to this one. It is partially a soft leather and partially wool.
Helmut Lang asymetrical zip jacket

OR this washed leather biker jacket (in black) from Rick Owens.
Rick Owens biker jacket

Clearly, the latter is a bit more special...for A LOT more price tag. Either way, it's gorgeous and I plan on saving my pennies.

I also have a dilemma because I am wanting these Prada pumps...eeek!
Time to start looking for "the look for less". But I will keep you aprised on my SPLURGE(s)!

Hope this post has wetted your appetite....til my next nightime online window shopping binge!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nashville Lifestyles: Imogene and Willie

A couple of weeks ago I shot with photographer Tec Petaja for the clothing store Imogene and Willie (both whom I have mentioned in past blogs) for the October issue of Nashville Lifestyles. I worked as a model on this shoot, but the clothes were sooo fabulous that I had to share...

Go get fitted for some jeans! 

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fashion story cont.

Amanda-LV model

More magic from our day of shooting with new LV model, Amanda Ramirez and photog Reid Rolls.

Friday, September 11, 2009

If you are wondering where we are....

In between our posts, please follow us on Twitter! Sometimes we are working on cool jobs and we are itching to show you some pics but the lag time between doing the shoot and actually getting some images can be loooooonnnngg. Especially if we do the shoot for a magazine or cd cover. So, follow us at:

twitter.com/theivoryfeather AND twitter.com/annieareuokay

Monday, I'm doing a bit of styling for Martina McBride and Trace Adkins, so you'll definitely want to check the twitpics for up to the minute updates. And today, you can get a behind-the-scenes first look at a shoot that I'm doing for Fringe Magazine with model, Salome Steinmann (Make Me A Supermodel cast member).

And just because I like pretty things, here is a purty image to feast your eyes upon:
Amanda Ramirez

This is a teaser from a magical shoot we did with Amanda Ramirez, of the band Johnny Swim, who also happens to be the new catalog model for Louis Vouitton 2010. Yes, you heard right, LV, and yes, she's from right here in Nashville. The glam squad getting this girl ready and photographed was none other than, Lorena Lopez (Hair/MUA), Reid Rolls (photog) myself (style maven), Becky Fluke (moral support and great music video film maker) and Chad and Connie (assistants extraordinaire)!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photographer spotlight: Tec Petaja


I met Tec for the first time while he was shooting my friend's wedding.  Not only is his wedding photography the best I have ever seen he is also an amazing lifestyle photographer (above is one of my favorite pics!) I have also had the pleasure of shooting with him, personally, and I can tell you he is amazingly fresh and has a great perspective on shooting the person exactly as they should be shot.  

If you like... check out TecPetaja.com and hire him for your next shoot! 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Model Spotlight: Kojii Helnwein

I just got back from a packed weekend in LA where I spent much of the time styling a fashion story with Photog Reid Rolls and Model Kojii Helnwein. Our story was focused on the new silhouette of the season which you've no doubt noticed us blogging about already. The bold shouldered, menswear inspired fashions boasting pleated trousers and splashes of neon.

Introducing Kojii Helnwein, who you may recognize from the current season of Project Runway and the new take-off, Models of the Runway, as our model! This is a teaser photo from our day of shooting. She was a city girl doing city girl things...in style. You can learn more about Kojii and her modeling career by clicking HERE...and also about her musical career as well. She knows how to rock a mic and a guitar!
Kojii Helnwein

All in all, I had a great time in LA with Reid AND made a few new friends! You can follow Kojii on TWITTER....and follow her BLOG. For more information on wardrobe styling for yourself or your magazine you can contact me thru our WEBSITE.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Britten

Last week I had the opportunity to style one of my very dear friends Britten.  Britten is a Nashville singer/songwriter but I almost hesitate to put him in that box considering he might just be one of the most talented voices I have ever heard. Drawing one of the most enthusiastic crowds in Nashville, Britten is also a class A crooner. He is more than soulful, has a ridiculous range and isn't too hard on the eyes either. I was mostly excited about this shoot because I am for sure one of his number one fans (in case you couldn't tell hehe). 

Doesn't he look fly? 

Also check out ArielRenae.com! AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Behind the Scenes: with a new Team

This is just a teaser few photographs from a shoot I did recently with a new team that I'd yet to work with. It was my second time working with Lo Lopez, hair and make up artist who hails from Los Angeles, and Eli McFadden, photog, who is from right here in Nashville, TN. They had started this shoot as a beauty story and brought me in to do styling toward the end. Here are a couple of my favorite photos.

You've seen Laurenne, our model, in some of my other shoots. She's great to work with! I love the technique that Eli used hear to get that double vision action going on. Whatever the technical term is, I have no clue, but I like it!

We have some exciting things coming up for us here at Panache and we look forward to sharing the news with all of you! Thanks for following...as always!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Perfect Season

Fall is just around the corner and I more than thrilled.  I love everything about fall... the smells, the colors, the crisp weather, but most of all I love the clothes!  I have already seen so many looks that I can't wait to incorporate into my little wardrobe!  So get on your shopping sneakers... (preferably the all white ankle ones with the velcro straps) and let's get to work. 

We are going to start with a few different looks to get you started, then you may venture out on your own to put your own little personal twist to our ideas! 

Tights.  This fall these little things are going to be one of your greatest accessories. Venture out and don't be afraid to use bold patterns and bright colors. Tights cant be worn with several different outfits... i.e. shorts, skirts, dresses and cropped pants. 
Okay, this fall this is going to be one of my signature looks. High waisted pants are VERY flattering on ALL body types.  So... that means don't use the excuse that you can't pull it off because you can! 

Marc Jacobs Fall 09' high waisted pant
Classic Fall... You can never go wrong with a little collared shirt and a flattering skirt. But... DON'T BE BORING!  Add a cute hair piece, an amazing bag or some neon tights to jazz up the look. 

I am positive we will see a lot of this during the fall season but make it original! Try different colored blazers, a skirt with a super bold print or add a bright colored scarf.  Add tights and heels for a more dressed up look. 
Don't be afraid to try new things this season... 
Be confident in what you wear (even if being bold and different makes you a little nervous).
You will be sure to feel good about being different! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to: Dress for the workplace with "Panache"

In my past life, I worked in the corporate world of sales and I remember the challenge of looking sophisticated, appropriate and fashion-forward. Recently, I had a friend come to me who is in the same boat and asked me to write a blog to give her some fresh ideas.

Ideally, you have to decide what kind of image you want to give to your co-workers, business partners and clients. For women, I think a good look to go for is feminine, assertive, professional, all at the same time, representing your own creative, individual style.

Before I give you some outfit ideas, I wanted to give you a few questions to ask yourself before making a purchase.

1.) Fit: If we are between sizes, it is always tempting to buy the size down, telling ourselves that we will loose the extra few pounds or make sure to hit the gym and tone up. (Sound familiar?) But how frustrating is it to repeatedly pull that garment out of the closet in the morning and never feel like you've attained that goal and that it still remains just a little too snug for comfort?! My advice is get the size up and have it tailored for the perfect fit. It's worth the extra few bucks, not only because you are getting the perfect fit, but you are preserving yourself the AM berating that occurs when you haven't lost the few pounds you swore you would.

2. Take an inventory of your closet before you shop. I think the key basics for a "workplace wardrobe are as follows:
a.) pencil skirt (or two or three in neutral colors...black, grey, brown etc)
b.) a-line or full skirts in interesting fabrics or prints (more forgiving for most body-types)
c.) denim trouser
d.) regular trouser pant OR if you want to get creative and fashion-forward you can try one of the new pant shapes that are out, like a cropped skinny pant in a formal trouser fabric.
e.) a button down white oxford (look for the perfect fit...may be wise to have this tailored thru a company like Tom James)
f.) neutral blouses and camis that have feminine details (i.e. JCrew)
g.) close-toed pumps with a round toe in all the neutrals
e.) accessories! Once you have the basics, it's all about the accessories! I'll share with you my formulas for putting together great outfits so you don't have to agonize over what to wear every morning.

Once you have taken inventory of what you need, you can be intentional about what you purchase. For example, if you need a black pencil skirt and you know you need the perfect fit, you will be more focused on what to find and less likely to get side-tracked or settle for whatever is on sale.

3. Make an investment on your accessories. It can be hard to justify a $300 pair of shoes or a $100 scarf (especially in this economy!) however, it is these little details that give your look uniqueness and polish and sophistication. Not to mention, they often are very well made and last longer! I bought a pair of Cole Haan shoes last year and was nervous about the investment, but they have held up so well and are by far my most comfortable pair of shoes.

All that being said, here are a few ideas that may help you freshen up your wardrobe and help you feel fashionable when at your desk or meeting with clients. There is no reason to sacrifice your personal style for a desk job!

A fitted tweed jacket is a more fashionable choice than a matchy matchy suit jacket and below are some inexpensive options from Urban Outfitters. They give off a "Chanel" vibe with out the Chanel price tag.

The same friend who asked me to write this blog, objected to this "boyfriend" blazer (also from Urban Outfitters) because she felt like it was too baggy, but let me tell you how you can wear it in a way that is stylish AND professional!
You may have heard of the "ascot" tie that men typically wear, but why not have the female version in a beautiful scarf like these, from Louis Vouitton. I'm not usually into name brands or major splurges, but these will make a Forever 21 outfit look expensive and chic!
Once you tie the ascot, loosely tuck it into that white oxford button down and shrug into that slouchy boyfriend blazer for a very sharp look. You can pair this look with an a-line skirt like this one from Banana Republic (which comes in different colors, but I like this one best because it's a neutral but not expected):
or, you can pair that boyfriend blazer with a slouchy pair of wide-legged trousers that fit snuggly at the waist. It's important to play with proportions and coverage. If you are wearing something longer or baggier or with long sleeves than you can show a little skin (a "little" being the key word) or a fitted waistline.This is a great paper bag style from Rag and Bone or you could always do a more conservative wide-leg trouser. They are flattering on most shapes.
I like to stick to versatile tops and camis to layer with jackets and cardigans. I love this tank from JCrew because it is a bit blousy and will fit most figures and I LOVE this cardigan because it be casually layered or worn dress with skinny belt over a pencil skirt. I'm very anti the "sweater set" look, but this is a cool alternative for those of you who love the "sweater set"!Notice, that I didn't choose a basic black cardigan? Try navy and charcoal instead. I always pair navy with black and both are more interesting options! And how about that graphic skirt from BR? My tip is, go for solid prints on your pencil skirts and do sophisticated graphics or florals on your fuller skirts.

When it comes the dilemma of shoes, I say stock up on all the basic color of pumps, but depending on the region you live in, you may be able to get away with more "fashiony" shoes. For example a black, platform ankle boot with black tights. It gives a streamline, long leg and the black shoe fades into the leg so it doesn't look to overtly flashy. Here is a perfect example of a black bootie by Stuart Weitzman that would go with every outfit and look that I have pictured here. Very professional, not too chunky or too rock-n-roll but just a hint! I think, BR makes great shoes for the workplace, so I would check out their styles for more choices or go to their sister company Piperlime.com for zillions of footwear options!

I could actually go on and on...so, based on feedback and comments...I will make this my first installment for styling yourself for the workplace! As always, know that we are available for hire as personal wardrobe stylists and we can alleviate the dilemma of dressing yourself the way you want to project yourself to the world...(or at least your clients!).