Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Skip Spring...Go Straight to Summer. Collect $200.

Myself and my SLEEVELESS business cohorts just returned from an insanely productive trip to NYC where we met with industry people and shopped our accessory line. We met great people that were eager to help us grow and ate some great food. And of course, we squeezed in some time to shop. Well, some of us did. I, unfortunately didn't get much time for that on this trip but I did want to tell you about what my armloads of frothy, filmy, printed and textured dresses, tops and clogs that Jess and Bek came back with! I'm a little green with envy at the scores of summery items they found. Here in Nashville, we never saw spring. The weather swapped out winter for blazing hot summer, never getting an inkling of the softer heat that we usually experience before the wave of humidity. It was a full affront to my senses, but I'm not complaining! I just am now realizing that it's definitely time to retire the black leggings and opaque tights and general black theme I've had going for the past 5 months.

I'm breaking out the light chiffons, floral and indian prints, and all my bohemian fare. Jessica came back from NYC with a dress that I'm lusting after. Moderately priced (150 bucks) for it's beauty, the dress is from a line called Aoyama Itchome. The Japanese man behind the label resides in France and so you see the influence of both cultures and the result is flowy, drapy flattering sillouhettes in bohemian prints.
Aoyama Itchome
Belt this little number and wear it to your backyard patio party!
Aoyama Itchome
Joy Thigpen?
Photo (above) by Joy Thigpen
Boho chic

It's white wine 'o clock at my house on the patio every afternoon at 5. I'm going to have to ease up on that, but with a cute summery dress and a chilled sauvignon blanc, it's really hard not to get carried away!

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  1. Oh, I need that Boho dress to wear with my gray Frye boots!