Monday, September 20, 2010

Marc Broussard

Reid (of the one and only Reid Rolls photography) called me up about 6 weeks ago to let me know that he was working on doing a job for Atlantic Records with an artist named Marc Broussard. When he asked me to be on the team to style to shoot, I was of course down for it. The shoot was scheduled in a few days after the launch party for SLEEVELESS so it was in the wake of craziness. Lucky for me, I seem to thrive on crazy, intense schedules. (Well, to a point.)

I knew that I must be a little out of pop culture when I was pulling clothes for the shoot and all the sales people were stoked that I was doing a shoot with Marc. I don't like to listen to an artist before I work with them because what if I don't like their music? Or what if I love their music but they are narcissistic and then I feel like I'm feeding the ego by complimenting them. So, I usually just let it be a mystery.

Despite the day starting early and working on little sleep, we had so much fun. Probably one of the most fun groups of people that I've been able to work with. Besides Reid and Lo (hair/makeup) we also had Laura Dart, Marc's manager, brother, and Atlantic's creative director all hanging out. We listened to Marc's new album and he sang along. Great voice, crazy talented, and beautiful lyrics. When this album drops, you have to go out and get it immediately!

So, I fancy myself a cell phone photog pro so here are a few shots from the day...
Rocking a John Varvatos jacket and an American Flag.

Wrapping the shoot in the white space...
I had to post this...because who doesn't like a floating head picture?

We shot the first half the day indoors on a seamless white and the last half of the day we went to a cozy Scot-themed studio where Marc does a lot of his writing. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product and curious to find out which look they choose for his cover.


Oh, and P.S. zero narcissism on his part! But an extreme attachment to this bird hat that HE MADE for the shoot!


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  1. love the pics and love hearing about how you go about your biz-nass during shoots!