Monday, January 25, 2010

Much Ado About....

The advent of my best friend's wedding, I have found the ideal bridesmaid dress to fullfill all my goals. I needed to find a cocktail dress in the "blue" family...somewhere between cobalt and navy. I found some beautiful couture dresses at pricepoints to break the bank and loads of dresses that I loved (like the white Maxazria dress below) that just didn't come in any shade of blue, and a lot of unsophisiticated dress that weren't fit for a wedding. I finally found this little number that I can accessorize to fit the greatness of the occassion, but I can also wear a number of different ways for future events. A bridesmaid dress that I WILL TRULY wear again!

And after searching EVERY online store, and every local boutique/mall....I found it at Topshop online!

FOR $90!

I have to say that the draping and fabric is beautiful and sophisticated and all around fit the requirements I was (til Topshop) searching in vain for!

Here's another dress that I wanted to buy...but alas, lace is NOT dyeable! (But it is on sale for $159.00...that's ridiculous! someone else get it and let me borrow it!)

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Marilyn" and "Hook"



Two new styles for Sleeveless can be found at Posh at the Hill Center. For lookbook requests, email me at