Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet AlizAbeth

After several emails and many conversations, we got a team together to work on the promotional shoot for Sweet AlizAbeth. Sweet AlizAbeth is a twin fiddle bluegrass band with 2 gorgeous front woman. They write, sing and play bluegrass with a modern rocker twist. Check out their music here and let me know what you think! Bluegrass is coming back into our pop culture in a big way, so these girls are a great introduction to what is happening currently in bluegrass music.

Here are some pics that I snapped during our photo shoot today. The photographer on the shoot was Wee Seing and the hair and makeup team were sisters Tricia and Melissa Brock (also lead singers of a girl punk band Superchick). We really had a lot of fun working together and everyone had a lot of great input.

Here are some photo's snapped from my camera...Our theme for the first look was sweet and candy pop...a bicycle built for two....etc...the van will be photoshopped out by the pro...

Wee sent this photo over to me so here's a professional shot of the second look...

And the other look was western meets matrix meets rocker, bluegrass chics. So, all in all, the girls loved the pics and they showed off all the facets of their complex personalities!

Until next time...adios...


  1. Wow, those girls really need to play shows in Nashville, I would totally come out and listen! But the big question is why in the world were you up and blogging at 6:12 AM???????

  2. Nice pictures!!! I will have to find something you can tell me how to wear!

  3. Please do! I love a challenge or just being able to help someone look at an item in there closet a new way!