Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

It's that time of year again, when the sun starts shining brightly through the windows and illuminating all the dirt, cobwebs and highlights those home projects that we started but haven't quite finished. The same is soooo true for our closets! So, may I propose a perfectly delightful plan for getting rid of the clothes in your closet that, let's face it, you haven't worn in YEARS!

I used to make plans to do elaborate clothing swaps with friends, complete with breakfast quiche, mimosas, and setting up my loft boutique style etc. But just the thought of all that work wore me out before I even got started! So, here is the easy formula to spring clean your closet and have fun doing it:

1.) Send a text to all your girlfriends that reads something like this:

"Hey all! I'm cleaning out my closet. Come one and all. Everything is $5, $10 or $20 bucks or you can trade an item for a bottle of wine! Everyone is welcome to bring their own clothes to sell also! My place tomorrow night, 7pm...PASS IT ON TO THE GIRLS YOU KNOW!"

Repeat this message on your Myspace and Facebook pages.

2. I lay out my clothes in preparation. One man/woman's junk is another's treasure, so don't be scared....put it all out! I happen to think that good presentation will sell more of your clothes, but the main point is to keep it simple!

3. When people start arriving, they can lay or throw their goods out on the floor or table and the fun begins.

Soon your closet can go from this:
To this:

I have found from doing these swaps that there is always something for everyone and we make a little cash in the process. The leftover clothes go to a charity of your choice and the best part of it all: you will have scored some bottles of wine to drink at your next occasion, however big or small!

(Sorry for the delay in putting up a fresh blog...the good news: I've been working on a lot of projects....more good news: I have many good blogs comin!)


  1. I want that closet....hmmmm *sigh*

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  3. Great idea. But can I get that closet too?

  4. closet tips coming soon...when I am renovating my closet, I'll post pics of the progress!