Monday, March 30, 2009

Bust out the Thigh's Short's Season!

So, I've had some requests for a blog on shorts, so in honor of the boot camp I just started this morning (at the crack of dawn), I will post several shorts for different body types. All of these shorts can be found at so here they are in no particular order. The best shorts and why:

I love these filmy shorts from Vena Cava for the fact that they can easily be worn dressy or casual, however, I wouldn't wear them to the beach! They are flattering because they don't hug your thigh and it almost feels like a mini-skirt. They are just gorgeous!

Here are an interesting pair of shorts by Black Halo and I gave you the front and back image so that you can be discerning when purchasing these genie pants. They are really hot, but you'll want to have a toned toushie and I would venture to say that if you are over a size 6, these pants are not for you...

Now, here is a flattering "skort" for every bod. I love this crepe number by Thakoon. It has beautiful draping and a nice length to show off your gams. You can't go wrong with this "skort"!
And the last trend that I wanted to highlight is the "printed" shorts this season. There is a time and an occasion for the preppy short, but it's not really my style, however, printed shorts are IN and here are some non-preppy, ultra cool versions:

This is a playful, globetrotting, African print short from Whitley Kros (love her stuff).

Here is a track inspired short short by Ever. Super cute, but wear at your own risk and discretion!
Oh, and I almost forgot...for a nice denim short, try this retro, slightly high-waisted style from Goldsign!

Til next time...

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  1. Those Whitley Kros shorts are soooo cute... tons of cute stuff from the new collection along with great Sales/clearance stuff are at: