Sunday, March 15, 2009

Local Honey

Local Honey Boutique

Although our great little city has a plethora of amazing places to shop (and still growing), I seem to always end up in one spot when I am looking for the perfect thing to wear. 

Local Honey Boutique sells vintage and locally hand made clothing. No matter what, I always know I am going to find something intriguingly original. 

Three of my favorite designers in the store include: White Rabbit, Valentine Valentine and Shannon Lea Clothing. Not only are these women talented, they work hard to bring you something stylistically innovative and fresh. 

It is the number one place in Nashville to shop... hands down.
Check it out!   
White Rabbit
Shannon Lea
Valentine Valentine


  1. ooooh i love that dress by white rabbit. do they have an online site??

  2. Aw shucks, thank you for the shout out!! And for "the o's"... White Rabbit doesn't sell online, but you could always drop her an email and ask if she'll ship!

  3. well how awesome are you??!
    i'm so completely flattered!
    and i think you're pretty dang great too :)