Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet Virginia

Wouldn't it be nice to have another pair of eyes looking in on your closet and making outfits out of your rarely touched items? Those clothes and accessories that you HAD to have but have since been lost in the jungle of your closet or you've lost your passion for. Well, I recently dove into my friend's (and new client's) closet and gave it the fine-toothed, comb-over!

Virginia's wonderful boyfriend gifted her with a shopping spree by a stylist (myself) and I went to town. (Men, take note...this is GRRRREAT gift!) Literally, I went to town...I headed to Atlanta to hit some shops that we don't have in Nashville...yet.

I gotta tell you a little bit about Virginia before I tell you about my mission. This girl already has style and great body to wear her clothes, but just like most people, she had clothes that she bought because they were 1.) on sale 2.) really unique or 3.) a trend of the season. What had happened is that she had a lot of clothes that she didn't neccessarily know how to put together with other things in her closet. She fell into the rut of pairing a nice top with jeans. Every cool shirt she pulled from her closet, I would ask, "What do you wear that with?" and with out fail, she quipped, "Jeans." So, my mission was to buy some new pieces but also create combos and give her new ideas around which she wear the rest of her OVER FLOWING closet!

We ransacked her closet and I made a list and checked it twice and here is what I came up with:

Chunky strappy black platforms
Nude strappy platforms
blazer that goes with everything
burnout tanks
basic A-line mini skirts in several colors
flea market jewelry gems and one-of-a-kind pieces

With my list in hand I hit the streets. Once, I drove into Atlanta I GPS'd my destinations and went full throttle. I hit up H&M first and found and structual white, summery blouse (that I later paired with a beautiful pencil skirt with a watercolor print from Zara) and a fun fringy scarf. I headed from there to a flea market and found an armful of bangles. I wanted every single one for myself...which is always a good sign that I'm on the right track!

Dillards was a one stop shop for shoes and they had a great selection. Usually, I'm a boutique shopper, but this department store is not bad for finding great styles for reasonable prices. I flipped out over this Gianni Bini shoe, and even though it wasn't on the list, I snapped it up for Virginia.

Urban Outfitters and Zara rounded out the rest of my shopping spree where I loaded up on skirts, belts and THE blazer. I love this blazer...and as you can tell, so does Virginia. Here she is trying her hand at a little golf, sporting a skinny pair of black pants and riding boots she already owned, with this gorgeous, drapy blazer from Zara. Since she's had this in her wardrobe, she's worn it consistently over dresses and jeans...I would wear it to bed, too, I love it so much!

So, here's a little insight into the shopping experience we deliver for our customers...who quickly become friends. We bring our haul of clothes to your home and play dress up and mix and match. And we're glad to come every season and sniff out the good for you, so that you can shop your own closet with confidence, knowing that you DO have something to wear and it WILL look fabulous!
P.S. The sexy new haircut was done by my friend and hair stylist extraordinaire, Brian Hickman, who works out of Fruition Salon, right here in Nashville! Check him out on the Fruition Fan page on Facebook!

For more information on how you can get "Styled" go to Panache!


  1. Virginia is such a sweetie! I completely relate to the wardrobe quandary. The blazer, pure genius. LOVE the style in this post. I'd hire you ANY day. Well, if I was rich and famous. Haha. You guys are great!

  2. love it kyah! you have an eye for this stuff... i am like virginia... i pair EVERYTHING with jeans. i love my jeans :)

  3. Where do I get the blazer? Can I buy it online??

  4. Zara...and unfortunately, they do not sell anything online :(