Friday, July 24, 2009

How to: Take a "vibey" photo...

Here are two of my favorite images from two of my favorite photographers. Working behind the scenes on photo shoots has given me the opportunity to learn a few of the great photog tricks of the trade and I wanted to pass some of them on to you, so that you too, can take a vibey picture with your own basic digital, or even, disposable camera. So here are few fun tips...try them out and let me know how much you love the results!

1. Cover your flash when taking a photo. It will cast some interesting light patterns onto your finished product.

2. If you have some mesh or netting, drape it over your lens, or over your head and shoot thru the fabric.

3. If you are the subject of the photo, don't be afraid to try lots of expressions and shapes with your body. You'll get some funny looking shots, but you are bound to get some fabulous ones too!

4. For the best light, try to take a lot of photos during the "golden hours" which are considered to be the first and last hour of sunlight during the day. The sun is softer so the lighting is more diffused and feels warmer.

5. Try using your parent's know, the kind with the film! Remember that?! Film creates a really authentic texture for those of us who can't add it in with photoshop. Also, experiment with an old Holga camera. They take awesome pictures.

6. Last little tip...just shoot a lot of frames! Usually, both the photographer and the model get more loosened up as the day goes on so you never know the magic that will come out of that! The more pictures that you take, the better chances of getting a lot of beautiful images.

I've certainly been inspired by working with these photogs in taking more interesting "DIY" photos. These are tips for those of us who don't consider ourselves techy with camera equipment, but still want to take cool pictures. Try these out and let me know!

Have a great weekend!

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