Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Street Swing: Lima, Peru

Some of you may have noticed that we missed our Friday blog last week and that was due to the fact that we are south of the equator in Lima, Peru. Today, I want to introduce (drum roll...) a new column to our blog: Street Swing. As the name suggest, this is an opportunity for us to write about something seen or heard, on the street. Since I have been traveling in Peru over the last week, I have been snapping endless photo's and scouring the streets for fashion-worthy news. The pictures I have readily available for you today are actually about the people we have met here.

Being Peruvian herself, my friend Sara has been giving us the grande tour of the food and the nightlife. Last Saturday, we found ourselves at Bravo Resto Bar, ran by executive chef and owner Christian Bravo. Christian left the club that he owns (Depeche Order, 80's dance venue) to meet us at Bravo, where he prepared the most delicious 12 course tasting menu. Suffice to say, we rolled out of the restaurant after we polished off the chocolate and lucuma (fruit only found in Peru) ice cream dessert.

We were joined at dinner by our hosts, Brad and Sara, Tricia and Gariann (travelers from the States) and Pedro and Cynthia. Pedro Suarez-Vertiz is the Peruvian equivalent of Bono and boasts a huge fan base. So, I've got to brag on this guy and encourage you to go check out his music. While we we've been here, we've seen his face on many a billboard and/or magazine. Here a couple photos from his interview in Cosas Magazine.

Here we all are, wined and dined, and ready to dance...

So we headed off to Depeche Order for some "footloose" dancing fun.

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  1. That's the way to travel..
    when there is a clan there awaiting your arrival, just to share with you how they really live.

    Be well. Love good. Bravo!