Tuesday, July 6, 2010

House Warming

I titled this blog "house warming" because even though we have been in our new house for almost a year now, I'm still working on the "lived in" and layered look that gives it the worn, loved feel.

For example, I have a console table behind my sofa that is the first thing that guests see when the walk in the house. I've put some different chotchkies on table but it still feels staged in a bad way. I found this image that gave me some great ideas. I particularly like the hat perched on the mirror. My mom and dad made me some really cool distressed plant stands out of an old turned table leg. I propped my hat on the top instead of a plant and I love the effect. I'll post pics as soon as I get back home. (I'm in Atlanta shopping SLEEVELESS to boutiques here)

image from Coco Kelley

And here are pics of my entry way/console table after a little tinkering:
And here are some detail pics:

The shells are from one of the 13 weddings that we attended this summer. I got the bookends from a flea market last year and the tusk from a salvage place. A tree in my front yard has a few less leaves thanks to my little impromptu arrangement...and you can see, I propped my fedora on the plant stand that my parents made for us!

Here are some other amazing photos that I pulled from the world wide web that fit the aesthetic of our home and lend themselves very well to the mood that I want people to feel when they come over. Light and white doesn't mean sterile, as you can see in these images! I found this image on www.pintrest.com and of course, what's not to love. Obviously, this table (and take a close look at the old window panes) is what adds the warmth to this space.

I have an old farm table and I had the table top wrapped in stainless steel. While it looks cool, it's also a little cold, so I added a centerpiece of a rough wooden half of a log that holds tea lights. It's helping, but maybe I could add rattan runners that run the width (rather than length) of the table to act as permanent place mats? Runners are tricky business. Only the neat and clean person can maintain place mats of any sort, let alone table runners! Thoughts?

I scavenged my house for something else to add to this beautiful tea light holder that my friend (and talented craftsman) Tim made, but I need the right items with the right scale and texture. Here's before:
And after:

image from Coco Kelley

This mirror is insane...and it's the kind of gem that you really have to just search for...it's hard to fake this weathered look...Our fireplace is filled to the brim with round logs, as it doesn't work but I'm in search of a moroccan blanket to throw over a chair. I would do a rug, if only I could get my dog to NOT PEE on it. Embarrassing behavior, but the truth.

image from made by girl
Finally, this image, because it echos my sentiments exactly...and while I have no use for an old typewriter, I would like to hang this poster over my desk. Is it for sale?

I love feedback, so if you have an ideas for my table...please POST!


  1. First, I can't believe you've been in your house for almost a year!!! 1st anniversary housewarming party??? :) You've done an amazing job decorating. Second, I am obsessed with that mirror - and the poster rocks.

  2. i love that poster too! soooo true. love all the pics!