Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Kearney Wedding: MAT and ANNIE!

In case you missed this on OnceWed, I wanted to make sure I posted about yet another gorgeous wedding I attended this summer. None other than Annie's of this very Ivory Feather blog! If it seems like I've been on a wedding kick, it may have to do with the fact that we are going to 13 weddings this year! Yep, you heard right, THIRTEEN weddings! Come to think about it, I may not have any single friends after this year...crazy to think about!


Their wedding was so beautiful and the after party was so fun. A great testimony to the good friends and family that they have in their lives.

Go to this site to see all the pics from the Kearney nuptials!

Her wedding dress: Rivini
Her reception dress: Nicole Miller
His suit: Christian Dior
Highlights: Brazil Billy band, the bridesmaids retro dresses, Mat's face when Annie came down the aisle!
Photog: Tec Petaja


  1. Hi there, I'm in love with Annie's Rivini dress and can't find the name of it. Please share? Is there a dress name or number?

    Help a bride out!

  2. Yes I am also trying to find the name of the dress!

  3. From other sources I've read it says her dress was Rivini, style: Almata

  4. Hi - I've been trying to figure out where she got the necklace. I even reached out to one particular jewelry designer that let me here.

    Can someone please let me know? I'm practically planning my wedding around it! Ha.

    Thank you!

  5. hey! i was wondering what brand and style shoe she is wearing? i keep seeing these shoes in the magazine Southern wedding, and i cant find the designer!! Thanks