Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White and "Something Blue" - A Wedding Story

I went to the most beautiful, thoughtful, wedding on July 3rd at a little cabin built in 1881. I believe the story is that the owner built the cabin for his mistress as a romantic get-a-way. Whether or not that is a romantic notion, this wedding certainly was romantic, rustic, breath-taking and effortless all rolled into one. All the powers that engineered this event planned it in only 8 weeks or so!

This was my 8th wedding of 2010 and I have to say, that the love Leanne and Brad share is definitely to foundation of this memorable night. It may sound cheesy but their wedding was anything but. It authentically represented a couple who is so loving and kind and well, just plain cool. (If you know them, you will agree!) They are two very creative people (she's a wardrobe stylist and word-smith and he's a creative person at American Eagle) and their wedding was an accurate reflection of them.

Here are a few photos from the night:
The ceremony...Leanne was grinning the entire time!

The Bride in Vera Wang with a blingy necklace from J.Crew and a (vintage?) locket.
Patriotic cake....SO delicious!

The labels on the beer were engagement pictures of Brad and Leanne. The table, seating by a number system, and stylish party guests!

Here I am representing the "red" in red, white, and blue with friends in the photo booth!
The beer truck!

My photos are a bit out of order, but you get the idea. Some of the highlights of the night were:

1. Sparklers that were brought out to dance with on the dance floor.
2. Bluegrass music by my friends Jon and Liz.
3. The wishing well where all the ladies stood around making wishes into an old (very old) well.
4. The small cabin that had been converted to a bar with dangling tea lights and roughly hewn tables.
5. Massive hydrangea blooms that graced the table and landscape.
6. Vintage colored glasses on the table.
7. An old table and mirror with tall candles in the port-a-potty digs.

These photos were taken with my cell phone that doesn't have a flash so I wasn't able to capture some of the moments once it got dark but not one detail was left unattended too!

It was a memorable evening, that is for sure!

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