Sunday, May 3, 2009

Neon, Neon

Hang on to your wayfarers, Neon is back! 
MGMT and M.I.A apparently knew what they were doing when they introduced their NEON flair to the world in 2008. Yes, maybe it's a little eighties... but it's awesome! We are seeing these highlighter colors show up all over the runway for fall 2009.  

Michael Kors exuberantly displays his 2009 Fall neon collection below. Kors describes his feelings about the new line by standing by his belief that "nothing comes back the same way twice." I agree. I think he is pushing the envelope, and I LOVE IT!  There is nothing wrong with a little color, even in the work-place!
Sweet shades Sienna...
"How in the heck am I supposed to wear neon you ask?"
*Wear it with black.
There is nothing more awesome than throwing on a neon pink scarf (American Apparel $18) with a little black dress and a spicy pair of patent leather heels. 
* Neon Jeans. Yep they are cool.  Throw them on with a white v-neck T, some tennis shoes and a sweet pair of shades.  You will most definitely  be the cool kid on the block. 
*  Shades. You can rock neon shades any time of the year.  (Urban Outfitters $16) They are always awesome. 

Lastly, a little word of advice...
Neon can be overdone. Only stick with one neon item per outfit!

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