Sunday, May 3, 2009

Current Obsession

Don't be surprised if you see me in one of these lovelies every. single. day. of the week! And yes, you can rock these, if you THINK you don't tell me they are not you! Visit these sites and find one that is uniquely you...there is a special hair number for every girl!

from the lovely and talented Chelsea...find more of her lovelies here.

cheap and easy at Forever 21

whimsical glam from Bando

So if you are wondering how to spice up that dress that you are wearing to your upteenth wedding this spring/summer, here is the perfect, showstopping solution!

Til next time,
Kyah, your fashion finder....

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  1. awww! hey girl! i'm glad i perused through your blog to find this lovely shout-out. :) i hope you're well. thanks for the love.